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My internship took place in Luxembourg at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. My task was to improve the optical system to guide charged particles in the field of instrumentation.

At the very beginning, I was greeted by a diverse culture that immediately accepted me as part of the team. Getting started and getting used to it was hard, but it went smoothly because great people surrounded me. Although the topic I was dealing with was something completely new and unknown, the supervisor was extremely friendly and caring and gave me ideas on how to come up with an answer. Internship focused on improving power transfer to RF carpet that is used to guide ions for instrumentation. Since RF carpet resides in a primary vacuum, it was an excellent opportunity to learn about vacuum systems. I was given the freedom of my own research, and I determined the path by which I would improve the system. Better power transfer was obtained by a technique called impedance matching. It was proven later that impedance matching is necessary and beneficial for the better RF field we are trying to generate with RF carpet.

Because of the mentioned, I improved my own thinking process and view of the given problem. The supervisor and the environment I worked in was highly motivating. Colleagues, or rather now the friends I met, have brightened my stay, even surprisingly significantly influencing the internship outcome. One of the essential things and the experience is that I met different people and cultures who encouraged and guided me. Because of that, I can now proudly say that I will return to the institute as a PhD student. My internship was successful and allowed me to do something I couldn’t do in my state.

This internship is a turning point in my life. I am grateful to all the participants who supported me, including coordinators, colleagues, friends, and the FUSENET team. Thank you