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From 01-03-2023 to 01-08-2023 I’ve been in the south of France working on my internship at ITER. I

was working on creating a network analysis of the ITER diagnostic systems requirements. For this

I’ve created a new data structure where all the data regarding diagnostic systems and their relations

to plasma parameters is added. After this I’ve also made three new models that can estimate the

resulting values for availability, accuracy, and time resolution of the parameters that these

diagnostics monitor.

I was living in Aix-en-Provence together with two other interns in the same house. In total we had

about 15 interns working at ITER, and I’ve met some amazing people during my time there. Being

able to work on site on one of the biggest scientific projects on earth has been an unforgettable


Together with the other interns I have hiked the Sainte-Victoire, in the Alpes, and nearby Marseille.

We have been on a trip to Geneva and we have spent many amazing evenings in the city centre of

Aix. For this I am very grateful to Fusenet for giving me the opportunity to experience all of this.