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Studying blanket models of the systems code PROCESS at IPP Greifswald

As a part of my master’s program in Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion (Eindhoven University of Technology), I went on an internship to the Max‐Planck-Institut für Plasmafysik in Greifswald, Germany. With the aid of FuseNet’s funding support, I travelled to Greifswald and stayed in the institute’s guesthouse.

Staying in Greifswald was a great attribute to my internship. Being on‐site allowed me to see the institute, the experimental facilities, and meet the institute’s researchers. I got easily motivated to work in fusion by being surrounded in this top‐notch scientific environment.
During my internship, I studied a part of the systems code PROCESS. PROCESS is one of the oldest systems codes, and is still actively being developed. I provided a review of the different blanket models that are available in PROCESS. For this purpose, I studied and modified the code, performed PROCESS runs, and had a lot of discussions with my supervisors.

From my internship and time in Greifswald, I gained ‐ of course ‐ a lot of technical/scientific knowledge. Besides this, I also learned about living in a different country and navigating everyday life there. Considering how international the science of fusion is, I think this time abroad forms a great asset to my development as a master’s student in this topic.