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Dear fusion enthusiasts,

I'm thrilled to share my experience at the IPP Summer University in Garching, where I took a

deep dive into the world of nuclear fusion and plasma physics. Although I have been into fusion

for a bit over two years now, in just a few days this international fusion education event was

still able to leave a lasting impact on my education and passion for fusion.

The IPP Summer University was impeccably organized, ensuring a hassle-free experience. From

arrival to departure, everything ran like clockwork, allowing us to focus entirely on absorbing

knowledge and networking with like-minded individuals.

The highlight for me was the exceptional lineup of speakers. Esteemed fusion experts shared

their insights, energizing the audience with their passion for their respective field. The

presentations covered a wide range of fusion topics, starting from a basic knowledge of nuclear

fusion and ending with the many considerations necessary for designing a magnetically

confined fusion power plant. There was still time for a drive by on inertial fusion. The event is

definitely successful in providing a glimpse into the cutting-edge fusion research happening


One of the key distinguishing factors of IPP SU is the ease with which the attending students

are allowed to discuss with the lecturers and other researchers at the Max Planck Institut für

Plasmaphysik. They were always happy to stay for coffee or lunch breaks and to pick our

curiosity in many topics, plasma physics related or not.

The international flavour of the event was also an important aspect of its success. Meeting

fusion enthusiasts from around the world was truly enriching. We learned and laughed

together, forming important connections. It was a reminder that fusion research transcends


In sum, the IPP Summer University is a powerhouse of fusion knowledge and camaraderie.

Being a master student writing a thesis on nuclear fusion and being interested in the topic for a

while, I never imagined I could learn so much in a week. If you're passionate about fusion,

don't miss this opportunity. It's a brief yet transformative journey into the fusion universe.