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Last spring I went to the University of Liverpool to conduct an experimental internship there. I researched whether a low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma could be used to deposit an acrylic acid polymer onto an Indium Arsenide avalanche photodiode. This polymer would function to pacify leakage currents inherent to this type of photodiode which is very useful in applications such as metrology, chemical sensing and space applications. To perform this I learned a lot about semiconductor and plasma physics. An atmospheric plasma and its chemistry is very different from that of a tokamak posing a fun challenge. 
What I enjoyed the most was the hands on experimental approach I could do in this internship together with the positive environment the University of Liverpool provided for me. I had plenty of opportunities to discuss my findings with my professors and could reflect with phd students which whom I shared an office. The experimental nature of the project led to many unforeseen obstacles to overcome granting a great learning experience. Besides the time in the lab the whole experience of studying abroad and interacting with a different research and national culture was amazing and I am thankful for my university, professors and Fusenet for providing this.