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Having a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I only studied plasma physics and fusion science for my thesis project, but I did not go through a proper introduction to the subject, which is expected during my master’s degree courses. I chose to attend the Culham Summer School before taking those courses, and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. The lectures were all very interesting, but the ones that caught my attention the most were those about tokamak engineering, plasma modelling and instabilities. I tried to make the most of the two weeks by interacting with the lecturers for a deeper understanding of these subjects, I also talked about my thesis and my future research interests to some of them; they were all very available and friendly. 
I had the opportunity to meet fellow students and researchers that worked at CCFE: their experiences were fundamental for my future plans in the fusion field. The poster session in Week 1 was my favourite event. I was thrilled while explaining my project about VDEs in tokamaks, with all the simulations that I had done. I felt like a real scientist presenting his work, and I met researchers and PhD students that are working on STEP ad are facing the same problem that my thesis analyses. The tours of JET, MAST-U and RACE were simply dreams coming true, even if we didn’t get to see the machines. And finally, the leisure activities were great, and I made a lot of friends and met future colleagues.