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I am Tertyshna Mariia and I am student at the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. I did my internship in Belgian Nuclear Research Center SCK-CEN and wrote my master thesis there. The subject of the internship was the research experimental three-point bending dependencies of ductile-brittle transition temperature miniaturized tungsten samples.


Moments at work

During the internship period, you can listen to the most interesting lectures and take experience with laboratory instruments. Fixing lectures in practice always develops a versatile thinking personality. I had a meeting with my mentor - Dr. Dmitry Terentyev every week where I could talk about my progress and difficulties at work. Of course, all these skills are obtained through working in a great team and in good conditions. Besides, the supervisors were available all the time if I had any questions. After all, teamwork is the key to success for an organization.
Some of the new things I learned in this internship were: did three points bending and microhardness tests, polished of samples, worked with scanning electron microscope and of course, English! Since I arrived in the company my English improved dramatically.

Free Time & Travel

FuseNet offers the possibility of interesting international dating. Thanks to this trip, students can travel around Europe, culturally develop and, at the same time, do interesting things in the field of physics. Travelling also gives us an opportunity to meet new interesting people, learn new languages, taste different national dishes and develop our skills. That’s why I tried to travel as much as possible. After work I relaxed on wonderful nature and had opportunity to do sport in sport club. This internship was amazing. I learned so much in the 3 months that I was there. I can't emphasize enough how valuable this experience was, howmuch it has helped me better understand the Nuclear and material Physics field, and helped me decide what I want to do after I graduate of the University. Thank you so much, FuseNet organizations and SCK-CEN for supporting students' opportunities for scientific internships.

- Tertyshna Mariia