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Fusion Technologies Book Cover Contest

FuseNet cover contest imagePublished by the IAEA, supported by FuseNet, a new Textbook on Fusion Technologies will become available for students and lecturers on the IAEA online library. It will be launched on 11 May at the Fusion Energy ConferenceThis textbook is a second one in a series. It is a follow-up on the IAEA Texbook on Fusion Physics (which can be found here: )

Now you have the unique opportunity to contribute to the book: by designing its cover! Are you creative and do you want eternal fame? Then share with us your best suggestion for the cover of the book! Maybe your creation will end up in hundreds of libraries all around the globe.



The challenge

  • Everyone can submit a cover design for the textbook, but students are encouraged.
  • This can be submitted here:
  • Every individual can submit only once (in case multiple uploads are done, only the first one will be considered).
  • Designs can be submitted until: Wednesday 30 June 2021, 23:59 (CEST)
  • Only designs that follow the Technical Instructions will be considered
  • A participant agrees to transfer  non-exclusive licence and full rights to use the image for the book to IAEA
  • Further, the participant confirms to not infringe upon copyrights of others with the submission.
  • A jury, composed of representatives of IAEA, FuseNet and the chief editor of the book, will select the winning submission.
  • The winning designer will be credited in the book.
  • Also, the winning participant will receive a hardcopy of the book.



Technical Instructions

The design is limited to the the central region of the cover. The title and IAEA/Editorial information remain the same as in the Fusion Physics book, but the background colour may change depending on the final design, but contestents should consider the IAEA visual identity colour palette, provided separately.

The design should have the following specs:

  • Artwork should not include the IAEA logo, nor any part of the logo. Avoid incorporating other logos or company names (for example: on equipment, uniform, hat or building).
  • If type is used in the artwork, it may be subject to change per IAEA visual identity guidelines.
  • Artwork should be original -- no third-party content should be used.
  • Artwork should not have been previously published.
  • If selected, artwork should be made available to the IAEA on a non-exclusive basis but without any use restrictions.
  • Depending on the software used to create the artwork, final artwork should be provided in an industry-standard format (EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG) at print resolution (for raster-based artwork): 300 ppi at 100%; or as vector-based artwork. The size of the final publication cover is 160 x 240 mm. Please make sure that the submitted artwork can be opened on any computer, not requiring special software.
  • It is preferable to be keep the master artwork, if possible (for example: Photoshop layered file) – to repurpose artwork for social media, video, etc.