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  • Two new fusion courses at EPFL

Two new fusion courses at EPFL

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne offers two new courses in Fusion for Master and PhD students. The two courses will both last one week (2 ECTS) and the university (with over 120 nationalities on campus) welcomes both students from EPFL as well as students from other universities and institutes. Students from EUROfusion member countries or FuseNet member organisations can apply for funding here.
In the course “Plasma diagnostics in basic plasma physics devices and tokamaks: from principles to practice”, students will learn plasma diagnostics and data processing methods of modern fusion experiments, bridging the gap between diagnostics theory and experimental practice. In the “Control and operation of tokamaks” course, students will become familiar with control algorithms used in tokamaks including plasma position control, shape control, control of kinetic quantities and of plasma instabilities. Students will also have the opportunity to design their own controllers and test them in simulations of the TCV tokamak.

You can subscribe for participation in these one-week courses by sending an e-mail to

More information about the courses can be found here: