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Module 2: Road to fusion

FuseNet has developed educational materials for secondary schools. The goal of these materials is to provide secondary school teachers with all the tools required to teach nuclear fusion in fun and engaging lessons. 

The module consists of:

  • A student reader
  • Lecture slides
  • Teacher's manual
  • Additional exercises

Module 2: Road to fusion

In this module, students discover the history of fusion by learning about how it all began. Starting from the discovery of the process that powers the Sun, students can learn about the many different types of experimental devices that were created to try and generate energy through magnetic confinement fusion. Challenges and obstacles of physical and political nature are discussed, leading up to the current state of the art of fusion in the form of the ITER project, mankind's biggest fusion attempt so far. 

The student reader explains the road towards fusion and contains short classroom exercises and high-quality images and graphics. The lecture slides and teacher's manual provide secondary school teachers with a ready-to-use lesson to teach the road to fusion to their students. In the additional exercises, teachers can find extra exercises at varying levels of difficulty. 

All the materials are created by FuseNet and are free to use for educational purposes. The lecture slides are available in pdf-format and in ppt-format, so that you can edit the slides to your preferences or include extra slides. The student reader, teacher's manual and additional exercises are available as pdf-documents.


The material will be maintained and curated by FuseNet. Want to give us feedback on module 2? Please send an e-mail to: