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Registration open for the PhD Event Padova, 3-6 March 2020

Doctoral students, reserve your seat for this networking event in the old university town and with visits to Consorzio RFX.

MSc thesis: Experimental and numerical study of N2-H2 plasmas and catalytic formation of NH3

Nitrogen seeding in fusion reactors is an option to reduce the power loads on the tungsten divertor. A problematic by-product is of nitrogen seeding is ammonia, which eats up tritium that should be used as fuel instead. As a part of understanding how to minimise this ammonia production, this Master proposal aims at characterizing N2-H2 radiofrequency discharges produced at different conditions (e.g., input power, pressure, concentration) in the cylindrical metal-free chamber at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Call for the development of an educational video
FuseNet welcomes proposals for the production of video material suitable for classrooms about the status and challenges of nuclear fusion

Plasma Physics Laboratory

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
The aim of the course is to give students the skills to plan and to implement a suitable diagnostics to perform basic measurements on laboratory plasmas in linear device to be used to generate plasma.
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