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On this page, internships and positions in the fusion community are shown. Search for internship projects below.

For Master students

Are you a Master student, interested to go on an internship abroad? FuseNet supports that! Find more information on funding and how to apply here.
We are glad to help. Do you have a project idea for at a company or institute that is not listed here? Contact us to realise it.

For recruiters

On this page, bright and skilled Master students search for internships as part of their curriculum or in the six months after they graduated. They have nuclear fusion knowledge, with physics, mechanical and/or electrical engineering skills and often additional trainings (e.g in safety culture). An internship can be an excellent way of getting to know each other professionally. FuseNet supports these students financially. Do you have opportunities for projects and want an internship positions visible here? Contact us.

Jobs and PhD positions

Soon, also PhD positions and job offers will show up here. We have a small set of positions, so if you are looking for a PhD position, contact us.

MSc thesis: Experimental and numerical study of N2-H2 plasmas and catalytic formation of NH3

Nitrogen seeding in fusion reactors is an option to reduce the power loads on the tungsten divertor. A problematic by-product is of nitrogen seeding is ammonia, which eats up tritium that should be used as fuel instead. As a part of understanding how to minimise this ammonia production, this Master proposal aims at characterizing N2-H2 radiofrequency discharges produced at different conditions (e.g., input power, pressure, concentration) in the cylindrical metal-free chamber at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

6 months

Development of physics workflows (DINA/external heating/current drive models)

The DINA code is an unique IO's in-house tool for free-boundary control scenario development. It is available on the ITER Integrated modelling environment (IMAS) for development of various physics workflows by combining multiple physics codes and models. As an important step for code validation, the development of workflows by combining DINA and external heating and current drive models (available on IMAS) needs to be demonstrated.

5-6 months

ITER Internships 2016

The ITER Organization offers five or six month internship opportunities for final-year Master's degree students. To see proposed scientific and technical internship subjects for 2016, please click hereInternships are also possible within support functions such as human resources, finance, communication, project coordination, and legal affairs.

Internships at IRFM (CEA/Cadarache), Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research

Internship proposals covering different aspects of fusion nresearch (physics and technology) are accessible on the our website

The direct link is here

There is no application deadline. If you are interested by any of these proposals, you can directly contact the supervisor indicated in the associated file.


Theoretical and experimental internships

The TU/e in the Netherlands offers both more theoretical and experimental internships in Fusion research, on various topics, among which which real-time data analysis, active spectroscopy, and magnetohydrodynamics/liquid walls.

Hands-on training on plasma experiments

In Italy, Instituto di Fisica del Plasma "Piero Caldirola" in Milan offers internships giving hands-on training on small plasma experiments and instrumentation.

Apprenticeships at IPP

IPP endeavours to give young people a sound training through apprenticeships. Over 250 apprentices have hitherto successfully completed their training at IPP.

At Garching IPP provides apprenticeships in energy electronics, specializing in production technology and administration

IPP Greifswald provides apprenticeships in: industrial equipment productions, information technology and industrial electronics (one apprenticeship).


In the Fusor, an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Device, ions are accelerated towards the centre of an inner sphere where the ion energy is high enough to cause a fraction to fuse. The educational aim of the experiment is to demonstrate the physics of fusion reactions, as well as to gain experience in diagnostic methods and ionising radiation issues.

2 months

Student Summer Internships

In England the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy hosts several students each summer, usually for eight weeks. Projects are in fusion physics (experiments, computer codes, theory) and fusion engineering.